Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Michele's Herbs

Michele was raised learning about Native American and folk ways of life. Her family grew most of their own food; raised goats, pigs, chickens, and sheep; and used many plants medicinally. Michele has used and studied herbs all of her life and is considered a traditional herbalist. Much of this knowledge will be contained in this blog, as many of her followers have asked her to do for many years.

At this time, Dharma Dogs Farm has the following herbs for sale:

Fresh Culinary Herbs:

Chives - $2 per pack, $8 per half pound, $15 per pound

English Thyme - $2 per pack

Greek Oregano - $2 per pack

Sage - $2 per pack

Fresh Medicinal Herbs:

Lemon Balm - $2 per pack

Catnip - $2 per pack

Motherwort - $4 per pack

Lady's Mantle - $3 per pack

Raspberry Leaf - $3 per pack

Herb Plants:

Catnip, Lemon Balm, Motherwort - $4 each

We soon will also have our dried herbs for purchase online.

Dharma Dogs

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Springtime on the Farm

None of us can be happier to be turning off the pellet stove and getting outside in the sun - and the dirt! We have been eating salad or other vegetables just about every day from the greenhouse.

We have plenty of Kale

and Broccoli Raab, also known as Rapini

and have been eating plenty of salads using Romaine, Kale leaves, Arugula, Endive, and Radish.

We started a pre-sprouted red potato in the greenhouse under the rowcovers back in February. It will soon be flowering, which means we will have baby red potatoes to sneak.

We even have a few nasturtiums started to grow along the support wires and other seedlings are started on the shelves.

The greenhouse has surely proven to be essential to us in the quest to grow our own food. We tilled a new 50 x 16 foot vegetable bed last week. We also planted potatoes and seeded the parsley and chervil. The blueberries have flowers, as do the peach, pear, apple, and almond trees.

The chickens are ready for their new home, which we will be building soon. We struggle with wanting to allow them to roam the yard eating whatever they'd like, which would no doubt include ticks! However, we not only have the two German Shepherd puppies to herd them endlessly around the yard, but also several hawks, a pair of falcons, a pair of great horned owls, and a recently spotted eagle. The girls are best protected in their moveable house, and soon 8x13 foot kennel home.



The girls have been giving us about 6 eggs per day. We have been using them to make eat, make pasta, and feed the dogs naturally. We also have been supplying our families, and selling a few dozen.

Michele has been beyond busy keeping up with the gardens, Indigo Studio, and working full time. Growing your own food is a big responsibility that takes a great deal of time - the time is enjoyable and rewarding though. She will hopefully be part time soon and able to better keep up with our dreams.

Peace to all,
Dharma Dogs