Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

This past weekend, the greenhouse was spring-cleaned. Currently, lettuces, spinach, potato, broccoli, cauliflower, broccoli raab, radish, beet, and arugula are quickly growing. Kale and oregano are harvestable at this time, and two tomato seedlings are starting out in the greenhouse with a little protection. We occasionally get 6-inch tall, clear, square containers that nuts or seeds come in in the bulk aisle. We set the 4-inch pot on the lid and it covers nicely without intruding on the seedling.

On the east side of the greenhouse, a 10x16 foot bed has been earmarked for the culinary herbs that we will begin selling this summer. We erected a two-food tall fence to create a border for the dogs. I will use this bed for the spring vegetables first while the new vegetable bed is being created. Peas were seeded in a 3x12 bed that will later be the home of the basils and sunflowers. Beets and onion sets were seeded in a 2x12 bed. The parsley and chervil will live permanently along the edges of the fence in order to get a bit of shade.

Our chives will be ready to harvest in just a few short weeks. Anyone interested can email us for additional information at thefarm@dharmadogsfarm.com.

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