Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Day of Play - and Update

The puppies and big dogs were really happy for a sunny autumn weekend - and so were we! It's amazing how fast these pups are learning. They all know the command 'go potty' really well. They are picking up 'sit' very fast. And a few are awesome already at 'high five' :)

As of this afternoon: 
Red collar male - litter name Gizmo - very affectionate and will make a great one on one protection dog - AVAILABLE

Light Blue collar male - litter name Bear -  SPOKEN FOR

Dark Blue collar male - litter name Curly - SPOKEN FOR

Purple collar female - litter name Oskarette, current name Bella - SPOKEN FOR

Pink collar female - litter name Precious - SPOKEN FOR

Here are some pics:

Our cat, Iggy, isn't allowed outside. The dogs always work together to herd him back into the house. It's pretty impressive how even 5 week old pups work together with the pack to reach a common goal. 
Bad kitty!


Nappy Time

Peace and Love,
Dharma Dogs

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