Monday, September 27, 2010

Our First Video

Okay - this is the very first one I've ever made, so be kind :) But, here are the pups!

First they are at three weeks and their very first sojourn outside, frightened of everything and wanting to go back inside to their safe little pool.

Next, they are four weeks (yes, only a week apart and this was just last weekend!) and confident playing with mom and dad.

Enjoy :)

Peace and Love,
Dharma Dogs


  1. Oskar is so sweet with the puppies. He seems to have a little limp in the video did he hurt his paw?

  2. Oskar was diagnosed with Lyme disease shortly after bringing him home (and getting him lyme vaccinations!) He will likely suffer this the rest of his life :( At this time, we are following the vet recommendation to give him doxycycline at every sign of flare up; however, we are going to soon start trying him on olive leaf to control flare up. We will post how this goes.