Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Play - As Important as Potty

The pups are doing so well house training - there has been no pee in the house (save a midnight gotta go) for three days now - hooray! As a result, the pups are allowed to run around the house a lot more :) We purchased several smaller toys for them to play with in a range of textures, from squeaky soft toys to bones. They decided they like mom and dad's toys better :)

Precious and Bella with Oskar's rope

Gizmo after a game of tennis balls

We wanted to let everyone know that if you email us interested in a puppy, we will take pics and try to hit all angles so you can see all their colors. Also, we will not hold a pup without a deposit, but we will accept deposits by Paypal to our craft business address -  Upon receiving a deposit, the puppy will immediately be removed from sale and you will be sent a receipt with all details of the puppy and a picture. When making deposit, please tell us the litter name we've been using, or collar color of your choice. We'd also like to know if you have a name already picked for your puppy. If so, we will immediately begin calling the puppy by that name, but will not post the name or any details about the buyer.

Bear, Bella, Precious, and Gizmo attacking a butterfly bush

We are trying not to think about pick up day just yet. We are having much too much fun with seven German Shepherds in the house :)

Peace and Love,
Dharma Dogs

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