Friday, September 17, 2010

Puppies - A Love Story

The afternoon of August 26, 2010 was nervous - apprehensive. Jet never cried, never whined - she knows how loved she is and how much support she would have in this scary venture. She did not shun Oskar, nor either of us, not even the cat, Iggy. She welcomed all of our support in a coming event she knew was monumental, but did not really begin to understand.

About 8:30 that night, puppies were imminent - Jet decided to take refuge in her kennel, her cave, even though we'd dragged in the kiddie swimming pool we give the dogs to cool off in in the summer. We'd lined it with newspaper and old sheets and towels. Okay - how are we going to help the Jet, and the puppies if needed if she's in kennel? We decided we'd have to move the first puppy to the pool - yea, go ahead humans, make you're plans.

8:45 Oskar and Iggy are very worried about Jet who has begun pushing. Oskar gets a little too close and after a growl, we decided maybe he should go to his kennel. Jet screamed - absolutely wild! She wanted Oskar there - even if she didn't want him too close - she went running through the house to the other side where Oskar's kennel was and stood in front of him and they had a sweet conversation of sorts that seemed to make her feel better - then she jumped on the futon and had the first puppy, a boy, at 8:50

We let Oskar out. Don't let anyone tell you that a male dog is going to eat the puppies. The love of both of our dogs for these puppies was palatable - this was one of the most beautiful experiences Danny and I have ever had. This was a fantastically loving, exciting, nervous, beautiful night.

Puppy 2 - a boy - 10:05

Puppy 3 - a boy - 11:42

August 27, 2010

Puppy 4 - a girl - 1:17 a.m.

Puppy 5 - a girl - 1:45 a.m.

Jet has been an awesome mom - and Oskar has been a very loving dad. We've been on a quest since this night to win the lottery so we could keep them all. Of course we need to sell the puppies - but can we keep just one? Can we manage to give THREE German Shepherds the life we want them all to have? There are so many reasons why we're crazy to even consider it - but the thought of having to watch them all go is absolutely heartwrenching.

Okay - here are the current pics - three weeks old: running, playing, play-fighting - they are really a very fun handful :)

Peace and Love,
Dharma Dogs

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