Monday, September 20, 2010

Puppies for sale

Hard as it is - yes, we have to sell the puppies. Pick up day is going to be October 23, 2010. All pups will be bathed and have cool toys to bring to their new home. There are males and females - we are still considering keeping one pup and it's between Curly and Oskarette. In the photo above, Oskar is in back (dad) then left to right, Curly, Precious, Oskarette, Gizmo - in the front is Bear and Jet (mom).

Gizmo was first born - we call him this because he sounds just like the little furball in the movie when he gets wound up. He is very smart and going to be a protective companion. He is very much like his mom.

Bear was second born - he is big and furry, likely a longer haired GSD, and he has a very gentle, laid back demeanor, like his dad.

Curly was third born - he is the biggest, and definitely the alpha male. He was first to do almost everything, is very vocal, in charge, and will be a very protective dog. He is a very even combination of mom and dad.

Precious was fourth born - she is just that, precious. Very laid back and a lot like her daddy-gentle and wanting to play.

Oskarette was fifth born - she was named this because she is going to color up a lot like her dad. She is sweet - very quiet and loves to cuddle.

Okay - some pictures:

 This is Curly with his mouth open, and Bear in front.

 Curly in front, Gizmo, Bear

 Oskarette and Precious

  Curly biting someone's tail

 Precious and Gizmo

The puppies are $400 each and will be vet checked and first shots. Contact us if you'd like to visit them. $200 will hold your pick and we'll begin calling the pup by your chosen name.

Peace and Love,
Dharma Dogs and Dogs and more Dogs :)

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