Monday, July 11, 2011

Goin Vegan - Day 2 - Messed up Already

Today went pretty good - I even slightly noticed I was feeling a little better - well, at least until the total mental breakdown (work related, not food).

For breakfast, Kashi Golden Goodness with soy milk and tea with soy creamer - this is pretty standard workday quick breakfast, so I won't repeat myself.

Lunch was a vegan Boca burger with leftover vegan cole slaw and a slice of Rice Vegan cheese. Don't believe what they tell you on the label - Rice Vegan does NOT melt. Okay, so I haven't yet found a way to make it melt.

Dinner was awesome - we picked the rest of the spring lettuce in the garden, an onion, and a cucumber we didn't realize was there (no, it wasn't huge). We also grabbed a few basil leaves and some chives and tossed these in with our green salad. We had leftover chick pea salad and a slice of homemade wheat bread with this.

So, where did I screw up? I normally make my own salad dressing. I was tired tonite (remember the breakdown?) and just drizzled some Newman's Own Family Italian on my salad, since that is what Danny was using. It wasn't until later that I realized there was romano cheese in the dressing. What? Yea, of course there is, but I hadn't thought of it until later.

It's okay - I better planned for tomorrow!

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