Sunday, July 17, 2011

Going Vegan: It's been a week

I'm really feeling pretty good - and liking following my own beliefs a lot more. Danny and I have really had a great week, though occasionally stressing a little over 'what to eat.' The truth is, when you eat vegetarian, you can make an entire meal out of anything you have a lot of, and other staples from the kitchen. For real, you ALWAYS can make an awesome meal - use your creativity, or search a good vegetarian cookbook.

When eating vegan, it's almost as easy - check for animal products - dairy, cheese, honey, dry milk, eggs, egg powder or beaters. Veganism goes a lot further than what you eat. There are animal products in body care products, your clothing, household products - a LOT of things. In this way, I am not vegan yet. I have leather shoes, use a lotion I see has dry milk as an ingredient, I haven't done the research on every single thing I use in my daily life - I did even find my favorite vegetarian cheese contains a bit of casein - which makes it NOT vegan. I've been using rice cheese substitutes, and they do not at all compare - don't believe what is on the package - I haven't found a rice cheese that melts yet.

Okay, so tonight, we have our first ripe tomato :) It's a beefsteak, and we're having  BLTs - I've got homemade wheat bread, Lightlife veggie bacon,  and vegan nayonnaise. We're having homemade french fries (baked potato strips) and vegan cole slaw (previous recipe) and fresh canteloupe.

Two more weeks - who knows?


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