Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Zucchini Times

So here we are again - it's zucchini time. This year, we have 6 zucchini plants (yes, I think we've all established long ago that we ARE crazy).  In this time of frugality, we felt it extremely important not to squander any gift of nature. We bought no seeds this year, opting to plant the leftovers from last year, and some - including the zucchini - from years before that. So, when 6 came up, it's 6 we kept.

Even though I've diligently picked zucchini every single day since seeing that first succulent morsel attached to it's flower, barely a baby zucc - we still got the monster already!

In case you forgot how to deal with these, see our step-by-step Zucchini Relish post from last year's harvest. We'll be posting our zucchini recipes as we come up with them this year - stay tuned!


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